Therapeutic Massage

Who doesn't love getting a massage?!

The benefits of massage go much further than relaxing your muscles.  Having some you time is very important every now and then.  Anything that helps to de-stress you is beneficial for your emotional and physical wellbeing.  Massage also increases blood flow and pumps the lymphatic system to aid the release of toxins filtered out from your blood.

We have a fantastic massage therapist who is qualified in many types of massage from Swedish, Pregnancy Massage, Deep Tissue Massage to more advanced techniques like Sports Massage and Trigger Point Therapy.

The beauty of all these years of experience and different techniques means no set routines...  The massage therapist can alter and adapt the massage to be what you need and like.  Walk in and float out afterwards... Just heavenly! 

If time and money were no object we'd always recommend a massage before a Colonic session, it makes it more of a spa experience and eases you into a blissful frame of mind for during your treatment.  We have had a few clients nearly fall asleep!